Music Video, Festivals and Awards, 2015

Early in 2015, a fantastic group of people joined forces to create the official music video for The Woman, in Seoul, South Korea.  I took the role of producer and worked with the amazing Edward Burgos as director.  With many generous hands helping in many ways, the video came together.  It has since made its rounds, globally.

The video was an official selection at the Korea Indie and Expat Film festival, having it’s world premiere, and also at the Cannes Short Film Festival.

The video won awards from The Global Music Awards and  The Prestige music awards.

laurel-04Prestige-Silver Laurel 2015

KXFF official selection laurels 2015 red on wh


cannes laurels


cannes laurels

Global music Awards

Bronze Medal- Music Video

Silver Medal- Female Vocals

Prestige Music Awards

Silver Medals- Acoustic, Music Video, Vocals

A song inspired by a character from the modern Sherlock Holmes television series, written from her point of view, the video explores a dreamlike scene in which the two crafty characters are simultaneously toying with each other, while growing more involved in spite of themselves, juxtaposed with the “real world” story going on in real time. The dance between the two characters displays their romantic tension, mixed with the reality that they can never actually be together, as they are actually enemies.


Directed by Edward Burgos

Choreography by Christine Grace Szarko

Main Cast: Jennifer Waescher, Garan Fitzgerald, Zach Bardon

See video for full credits

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cannes laurels

The Woman- Official Music Video