Publishing Events 2010-2011

In my time living in Seoul, I’ve had the good fortune to be published in various magazines and anthologies as a travel writer, poet and short fiction writer.

In 2010 I wrote a few articles for Groove magazine, two travel pieces and one review.  One travel piece, titled The Ladies Side (click to read), recounts a stressful adventure with the locals at a border closing ceremony between India and Pakistan in Amritsar India.

Another, entitled A Colourful Celebration (click to read) describes an experience with celebration of life and death in Katmandu, Nepal.

I also wrote a review for the Non-Violent Communication Centre’s English training and practice program, the article of which is now lost, unfortunately.


In 2010 some of my poetry and fiction was selected and published in the Seoul Writer’s Group annual anthology, Every Second Sunday.  My spread included a selection of poems and a short story under the titles On Love and Travel in Asia, Selected Poems and In Hindsight: A Deeper Mantra (short story).  The short story later went on to be published in a Canadian Anthology, featured in another blog post. 62939_10150281231920397_904840396_14865723_4669389_s1

Another poem, Bed Solo, was featured in the subsequent anthology entitled Out of Place in 2011.

Another of my short stories was selected for a Yonsei University literary magazine, The Lab (6th edition), in 2010.

Click here to read: Escapades in the Dirt on page 50.